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Understanding the Ballot Access Labyrinth

So you’ve decided to run for political office. But, wait? Do you fully understand the requirements you need to satisfy as a candidate in order to qualify to appear on ...

TV Still Number One for Political Campaign Ad Spending

We all know that media, specifically broadcast television, has long been an important tool used in political campaigns. In fact, for at least 50 years, political campaign management teams have ...

How to Win a Local Election

Thinking about running for office? Stop, before you even think about the next steps, the first thing you must do is gauge your ‘winnability’ factor. This is a crucial step because ...

Every Campaign Should Have a Get-Out-The-Vote Strategy

Your “get-out-the-vote” messaging may be one of the most essential components of your entire political campaign. Why? Get-out-the-vote efforts not only generate greater support and gets people enthused about a campaign, ...

Digital Advocacy Trends We Saw in 2015

It’s no secret that social media and engaging video content have both comfortably settled into their important roles in political advocacy campaigns over the last year. From Facebook and Twitter to ...
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