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Lincoln Strategy Group Joins Public Affairs Council

Council membership connects Lincoln Strategy Group to the best in the field PHOENIX 7/21/2016 - Lincoln Strategy Group is proud to announce its membership with the Public Affairs Council (the Council), where the ...

New Poll Shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio Trailing and Trump Leading in Upcoming Election

Sheriff Joe may have his toughest battle ahead after six consecutive terms in office PHOENIX, ARIZONA – A new Maricopa County poll conducted by Lincoln Strategy Group shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio trailing to ...

Five Political Books To Add to Your Summer Reading List

With 2016 being an election year and my extensive experience with political campaigns, I thought now would be the perfect time to share five must-read political books. After all, just because it’s ...

Building the Perfect Focus Group

The world of politics is one where an image has to be perfectly crafted in order to ensure the candidate or organization is accurately represented in the public eye. In my ...
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