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So You Want to Work in Public Affairs?

So often, people around the country feel trapped in jobs that aren’t fulfilling, don’t align with their principles or don’t have the greater impact they hoped they would. For those ...

Why Voter Outreach Isn’t Just a Political Campaign Strategy

You hear a lot about voters during elections, but when you think about it, voters are just citizens. They aren't people who suddenly start existing during elections. Voters are people ...

Digital advertising revolutionizes local campaigns

All political consultants know that marketing can make or break a campaign. According to the sales and advertising group Winmo, “political campaigns at the state level are spending more and ...

Public Affairs 101

Most people know that the management of public affairs is critical when it comes to reaching voters, but the details are not always fully understood. It's easy to use the ...

Nathan Sproul Explains the Complex Relationship Between Politics and Policy

Adapted for publication from Nathan Sproul's website, nathansproul.com.  Today on my blog, I wrote about how it can be a difficult feat to untangle politics from policy-making, for the layman and seasoned politician alike. ...

Congratulations to our client, Missourians for Fair Taxation!

Lincoln Strategy Group congratulates our client, Missourians for Fair Taxation, who qualified today for the Missouri Ballot. Lincoln Strategy Group spearheaded the signature gathering and validation efforts that qualified this ...

Meet Abe: Lincoln Strategy Group’s Analytics Tool

Lincoln Strategy Group created a best-in-class campaign analytics tool (Abe) that enables you to monitor all facets of your campaign or project in real-time. Abe, rightly named as part of ...

The Benefits of Joining the Public Affairs Council

Lincoln Strategy Joins PAC Less than a week ago, Lincoln Strategy Group announced its membership with the Public Affairs Council, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical professional association for professionals and organizations in the ...

Lincoln Strategy Group Joins Public Affairs Council

Council membership connects Lincoln Strategy Group to the best in the field PHOENIX 7/21/2016 - Lincoln Strategy Group is proud to announce its membership with the Public Affairs Council (the Council), where the ...

New Poll Shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio Trailing and Trump Leading in Upcoming Election

Sheriff Joe may have his toughest battle ahead after six consecutive terms in office PHOENIX, ARIZONA – A new Maricopa County poll conducted by Lincoln Strategy Group shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio trailing to ...
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