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Patience is a Virtue? Knowing When to Declare Your Campaign

You’ve talked with your family. You’ve thought about a message and a platform. You’ve started putting a team together and soliciting support from the community. Now that you’ve decided to ...

How to Politely Disagree

The American electoral system is, at its core, a competition: Ideas and opinions face off so that citizens can choose a winner on its merits. However, this competitive spirit and ...

Public Apologies: A User’s Guide

Mastering the mea culpa is a critical skill for leaders in the political and corporate worlds alike. A strong apology—more than just offer an admission of wrongdoing or a mistake—can ...

Nathan Sproul on “The Politics of Personal Destruction”

Politics can be frustrating. This, I know from personal experience, and anyone who has followed U.S. politics—especially in the last two years—is likely to agree. It’s frustrating because for many ...

Nathan Sproul: What’s The Secret to My Success? Putting Quality of Life First.

Americans have incredible work ethic. Culturally, we pride ourselves on our grit and productivity, and for centuries we’ve worked ourselves up mountains and back to the entire world’s benefit. As ...
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