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How to Enable Positive Conversations About Politics in the Office

Political relations today are more strained than they’ve ever been in recent memory. From moderates to firebrands, it seems that nearly everyone has an opinion that they can’t wait to ...

How to Bounce Back After an Election

Losing an election at any level of government can be a tough pill to swallow. You wake up the next morning knowing you put up a valiant effort and still ...

The Value of Constituent Service: In Election Season and Beyond

Congress has many responsibilities that involve much more than simply making and passing laws. They are the representatives of the people, and with that position comes the responsibility of using ...

How to Talk to Children About Politics

It’s easy to assume that children are not paying attention to politics. While it may actually be true that kids aren’t engaging the same way you are, they still take ...

How Did We Get Here: A Look at the Debt Ceiling

The definition of the debt ceiling is the limit that Congress imposes on how much debt the federal government can carry at any given time. Once this ceiling is reached, ...

How to Get Involved in Local Politics

Talking about a problem is easy; fixing it is harder. Our current political landscape is rife with division and controversy, with passionate voters taking to social media platforms such as ...

The Essentials of Crisis Communication

The headlines prone to grabbing the most attention are always those that describe total crises or scandals. Earlier this year, for example, Americans were glued to reports detailing how a ...

Meet ABE – The Analytics Tool Setting Lincoln Strategy Group Apart

It was at a busy London-area pub about three years ago that ABE was born. A conversation about the inefficient and cumbersome methods of tracking campaign analytics acted as the ...
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