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The Importance of Youth Engagement in Politics

The teenage generation in this country are our leaders of tomorrow. Their political attitudes are shaped by unique experiences and diverse backgrounds, so it’s essential that they learn more about ...

Learning from Their Mistakes: What Candidates Can Take Away from Politicians’ Gaffes

Campaigning for election is an exercise in personal endurance. To build voters’ trust, political candidates must brave constant lobbying, fierce debates, and months on the trail, all while projecting an ...

What to Look for in a Campaign Strategist and Manager

A campaign strategist or manager holds one of the most crucial roles for your campaign. They are the backbone of the election endeavor, working behind the scenes to run everything ...

Bipartisanship: Where It Has Been and Where It Is Now

Bipartisanship is perhaps the original American tradition. Such a statement may seem incredible, considering what we’re often told of today’s political climate. But the truth is that this country's legislative ...
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