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Meet ABE – The Analytics Tool Setting Lincoln Strategy Group Apart

It was at a busy London-area pub about three years ago that ABE was born. A conversation about the inefficient and cumbersome methods of tracking campaign analytics acted as the catalyst that spurred on the creation of the best-in-class, customizable tool that sets Lincoln Strategy Group apart.

ABE, named after Lincoln Strategy Group’s namesake and 16th President of the U.S., Abraham Lincoln, is a campaign analytics tool built to make coordinating, tracking, collecting and analyzing data from your campaign efforts faster, easier and more efficient. It makes the inefficient process of number crunching a thing of the past and instead streamlines all the data in one place.

“ABE is our tool to house data and present it in a digestible way,” said Meghan Cox, whose dissatisfaction with present-day tracking methods helped spawn ABE’s creation. “Everything we do at Lincoln Strategy Group is built around ABE.”

When it comes to ABE’s capabilities and applications “everything,” isn’t hyperbole.

When canvassers are out on the streets ringing doorbells and collecting signatures, ABE can track and analyze the number of attempts, contacts made, phone calls placed, responses, and the resulting ratios and analytics. Furthermore, it can be broken down by employee, allowing an organization to see which employees are most effective, and which may need some additional training. On a broader scale, it can keep track of payroll and expense reports across an organization’s campaign team.

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While such a wide array of data can seem overwhelming, the process of tracking and analyzing this data is streamlined by ABE, making for a more efficient and more reliable means of digesting and understanding the numbers that you want to see.

“The amount of time being wasted collecting data and crunching the numbers in Google Docs or Microsoft Excel was enormous,” said Dan Centinello, Executive Vice President of Lincoln Strategy Group and the second half of the London pub conversation. “We’ve really piloted this idea–not many other organizations are able to do what we can with ABE.”

Perhaps at the forefront of ABE’s versatile skillset is its use as a quality control tool for ballot access measures. Due to the specific criteria that often varies state to state when it comes to ballot access, flexibility and quality control are absolute musts. With ABE, everything that is collected and turned in can be immediately validated, avoiding the headaches caused by having to hand check each and every signature collected by checking against voter files in real time.

“ABE has revolutionized the way we track and run campaigns,” said Lincoln Strategy Group’s Managing Director Nathan Sproul. “From tracking impressions, ads running, and radio spots to consolidating data into simple, digestible custom reports, ABE has been a game changer both domestically and abroad.”

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The ABE dashboard gives users an in-depth and easily navigable look at the statistics and data important to any campaign.

ABE’s specifications and capabilities are custom-set for each client–no two ABE dashboards will necessarily look the same. The ability to tailor the tool to fit the needs of each client means there is no wasted time sifting through irrelevant or unwanted data to get to the info that matters–ABE will do all the work for you. And what’s more, ABE consolidates this data into a central hub. Rather than spending unnecessary man hours flipping between different sheets in that Excel document, referencing that binder full of paperwork, and then popping into Google Docs to ensure all the data matches up, ABE is a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need.

Breaking new ground on building a revolutionary tool like ABE was no easy task. The amount of hours put into the development and conceptualization of the tool between Centinello, Cox, and numerous others were countless, but the payoff to clients is even larger.

“It might cost $1 – 2 million to put a major initiative on a ballot, and if it fails due to a quality control issue, that money was essentially wasted,” said Cox. “ABE prevents that from happening. It saves money, it saves time, and it makes the entire process more efficient.”

To learn more about ABE, visit Lincoln-Strategy.com.

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