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Political New Years’ Resolutions

As the new year begins, it is a great time to reflect on 2017 and make a resolution for 2018. One excellent resolution idea is to become more informed about ...

The Importance of Effective Analytics in Political Campaigns

These days, much of the conversation surrounding political campaigns is carried out through technological means. Traditional messaging channels, such as TV and phone, are now utilized in tandem with social ...

How the Strength of the Economy Influences Political Attitudes

Since the economy and political system go hand and hand, it seems as if presidents who foster and maintain a strong economy have strong approval ratings. However, approval ratings consist ...

Spotlight on the Most Effective Grassroots Campaigns

Grassroots passion has always played a pivotal role in galvanizing citizens since people are drawn to pursue a common cause more than any individual agenda. When grassroots political campaigns succeed, ...

The Dark Side of the Polls

Polling is a time-honored cornerstone of our political system, and candidates and officeholders alike value these tools to help discern public opinion and shape strategy. However, opinion polls can tell ...

Nathan Sproul on “The Politics of Personal Destruction”

Politics can be frustrating. This, I know from personal experience, and anyone who has followed U.S. politics—especially in the last two years—is likely to agree. It’s frustrating because for many ...

Nathan Sproul: What’s The Secret to My Success? Putting Quality of Life First.

Americans have incredible work ethic. Culturally, we pride ourselves on our grit and productivity, and for centuries we’ve worked ourselves up mountains and back to the entire world’s benefit. As ...

Nathan Sproul Explains the Complex Relationship Between Politics and Policy

Adapted for publication from Nathan Sproul's website, nathansproul.com.  Today on my blog, I wrote about how it can be a difficult feat to untangle politics from policy-making, for the layman and seasoned politician alike. ...

Third Party Ballot Access, Explained

When it comes to elections in the United States, most people feel like they only have a choice between a Democrat and a Republican. Many times an additional candidate will ...
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