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The Importance of Effective Analytics in Political Campaigns

These days, much of the conversation surrounding political campaigns is carried out through technological means. Traditional messaging channels, such as TV and phone, are now utilized in tandem with social ...

Spotlight on the Most Effective Grassroots Campaigns

Grassroots passion has always played a pivotal role in galvanizing citizens since people are drawn to pursue a common cause more than any individual agenda. When grassroots political campaigns succeed, ...

The Dark Side of the Polls

Polling is a time-honored cornerstone of our political system, and candidates and officeholders alike value these tools to help discern public opinion and shape strategy. However, opinion polls can tell ...

What to Look for in a Campaign Strategist and Manager

A campaign strategist or manager holds one of the most crucial roles for your campaign. They are the backbone of the election endeavor, working behind the scenes to run everything ...

How to Bounce Back After an Election

Losing an election at any level of government can be a tough pill to swallow. You wake up the next morning knowing you put up a valiant effort and still ...

The Value of Constituent Service: In Election Season and Beyond

Congress has many responsibilities that involve much more than simply making and passing laws. They are the representatives of the people, and with that position comes the responsibility of using ...

The Essentials of Crisis Communication

The headlines prone to grabbing the most attention are always those that describe total crises or scandals. Earlier this year, for example, Americans were glued to reports detailing how a ...

Patience is a Virtue? Knowing When to Declare Your Campaign

You’ve talked with your family. You’ve thought about a message and a platform. You’ve started putting a team together and soliciting support from the community. Now that you’ve decided to ...

Public Apologies: A User’s Guide

Mastering the mea culpa is a critical skill for leaders in the political and corporate worlds alike. A strong apology—more than just offer an admission of wrongdoing or a mistake—can ...

The Benefits of Joining the Public Affairs Council

Lincoln Strategy Joins PAC Less than a week ago, Lincoln Strategy Group announced its membership with the Public Affairs Council, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical professional association for professionals and organizations in the ...
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