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Spotlight on the Most Effective Grassroots Campaigns

Grassroots passion has always played a pivotal role in galvanizing citizens since people are drawn to pursue a common cause more than any individual agenda. When grassroots political campaigns succeed, ...

Learning from Their Mistakes: What Candidates Can Take Away from Politicians’ Gaffes

Campaigning for election is an exercise in personal endurance. To build voters’ trust, political candidates must brave constant lobbying, fierce debates, and months on the trail, all while projecting an ...

Digital advertising revolutionizes local campaigns

All political consultants know that marketing can make or break a campaign. According to the sales and advertising group Winmo, “political campaigns at the state level are spending more and ...

Communicating Your Message: Media Tips

For many grassroots organizations today, getting communication out via the media can be one of the most effective ways to reach the people who truly need to hear your messaging. To ...

Keys to Effective Grassroots Campaigns

Whether you are building one for public office, running a political party organization or involved in issue advocacy, it’s vital in today’s constantly fluctuating political landscape to set up effective ...
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