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Dan Centinello Named to 40 Under 40


Centinello Named to AAPC’s Prestigious List

Dan Centinello 40 under 40

The future looks bright for the field of political consulting.

Dan Centinello headshotLincoln Strategy Group’s Executive Vice President Dan Centinello was recently named to the American Association of Political Consultants’ (AAPC) 2017 40 Under 40 list.

Since 2015, the AAPC has released an annual “40 Under 40” list, giving us a look into the future of political consulting by highlighting the most promising younger professionals in the field. The 40 Under 40 list is a prestigious award in a highly competitive field–but if you ask those around Dan at Lincoln Strategy Group, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone surprised that he’s been given this honor.

“Dan’s breadth of work is reflective of the type of person he is,” said Nathan Sproul, the Founder and Managing Director at LSG.  “Dan perfected his skill set in the political side and has transferred it seamlessly to the corporate side to help our clients tackle very tough regulatory fights. One thing that I have long admired about Dan is that he is never satisfied with the status quo. Dan is extremely innovative and constantly looking for ways to improve every project and campaign that he touches.”

In the past, Dan has worked on numerous presidential, state and local political campaigns, partnering closely in prominent roles with Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, and Roy Blunt. At Lincoln Strategy Group, Dan has worked internationally, helping establish new clients and run campaigns in nine countries outside of the United States. In addition, Dan has spearheaded many research and development initiatives at Lincoln that allow Lincoln clients to have accurate metrics in real time due to highly sophisticated custom dashboards.

“Dan has been an integral part of what makes Lincoln Strategy Group such a successful organization,” said Chuck Coolidge, Principal at LSG. “He’s partnered with many clients and led a variety of critical initiatives around here, including multiple public affairs projects in Europe, the reforming of a federal agency (the CFPB), and far too many more to list.”

If those who have graced the AAPC’s 40 Under 40 list represent the future of political consulting in America (and abroad), then the future surely looks bright–just ask Lincoln Strategy Co-Founder Meghan Cox, who was named to the same list in 2016 for her work directing the paid Presidential field efforts in 2004, 2008 and 2012 and multiple high profile races of Republican candidates across the US including Dan Sullivan (R-AK); Scott Brown (R-MA); Scott Walker (R-WI).

“Dan is one of top talents in politics – on both sides of the political aisle,” Cox said, “I first met Dan on the Schwarzenegger campaign in 2006. He was an immediate standout. Dan has had an extremely successful track record in national politics and pretty much everyone who has worked with him will attest to his tenacity and skill when it comes to shaping public opinion. I nominated Dan, as I didn’t think that many people were more deserving of this award than him. We are very proud to see Dan receive this honor.”


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