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The Benefits of Joining the Public Affairs Council

Lincoln Strategy Joins PAC

Less than a week ago, Lincoln Strategy Group announced its membership with the Public Affairs Council, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical professional association for professionals and organizations in the public affairs field across the globe.

The membership of Lincoln Strategy Group highlights the latest efforts on behalf of the organization to not only take part in the training, resources and experience that the Public Affairs Council has to offer, but to give back to the organization and its membership in what will undoubtedly become a mutualistic relationship.

The Public Affairs Council

Created in 1954 by none other than President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Public Affairs Council brings the best and brightest minds from the field together under one professional association to facilitate the spread of ideas, experience, and knowledge of public affairs. The staff, composed of 21 members, helps lead about 100 training sessions a year in addition to annual conferences, certification programs, webinars and publications that are offered to benefit the growth and learning of its members.

Fortunately for the members of the Public Affairs Council, the connection between Public Affairs Council and Lincoln Strategy Group hopes to be a two-way street. While the benefits to Lincoln Strategy Group may be obvious, joining the Public Affairs Council is a move that Lincoln Strategy Group hopes will benefit the other members of the professional organization as well.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

“We are delighted to join the Council and look forward to working with the best-in-class public affairs professionals and contributing to the network already in place,” said Nathan Sproul, Managing Director of Lincoln Strategy Group. “Our Council membership is one more step in the process of bringing the expertise of Lincoln Strategy Group to the corporate world.”

In becoming connected to a diverse array of over 700 organizations representing about 8,000 professionals around the world, the ability for the staff of Lincoln Strategy Group to network, share ideas, experiences, and expertise is unparalleled. Membership with Public Affairs Council  will help open a channel of communication that will lead to growth not only within Lincoln Strategy Group but also within the other members of Public Affairs Council as a whole.

“Joining the Public Affairs Council is a big step forward for Lincoln Strategy Group,” said Ulrico Izaguirre, Executive Vice President of Lincoln Strategy Group. “Professional organizations like Public Affairs Council present the opportunity to come together with some of the brightest minds in public affairs and exchange ideas and experiences–it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Everyone at Lincoln Strategy is looking forward to the opportunity to forge new relationships within the Council and really put on display how to run successful advocacy, public affairs, public relations or political campaigns.”


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