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Meet Abe: Lincoln Strategy Group’s Analytics Tool

Lincoln Strategy Group created a best-in-class campaign analytics tool (Abe) that enables you to monitor all facets of your campaign or project in real-time. Abe, rightly named as part of (Abe) Lincoln Strategy Group, is fully scalable and customizable to whatever your needs may be. Our customized dash updates in real time allowing immediate knowledge of intelligence from field performance that can be monitored by everyone from field managers to clients 24/7.

From the mobile app, field operatives have all the information they need. They can quickly look up talking points, reference a map of nearby businesses, telephone key members of the team, and, of course, send all the data they’ve captured in real-time.

We understand campaigns and most importantly, designed a tool that allows us and our clients to make the best decisions. Say goodbye to merging excel sheets and google Docs. Whether it’s knocking doors, making phone calls, tracking constituent phone calls to monitoring your voter ID’s, get-out-the-vote campaigns or monitoring your corporate letter-writing campaign – everything is fully accessible at your finger-tips. We built Abe on a platform that can be accessed and utilized anywhere in the world.

Every second counts on a campaign and having the latest data whenever you need it enables you to make the most informed decisions.

Learn more about Abe at Lincoln Strategy Group.

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