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Boaz Vilallonga

Director of Global Digital Strategy

Boaz Vilallonga serves as Lincoln’s Director of Global Digital Strategy, with strong know-how of digital marketing and data analytics.

With a PhD from a French elite Grande École, Boaz has taught and researched at Columbia University and New York University. He transitioned to the private sector, where he worked for the Big Four and learnt the art and craft of analytics and digital advertising. Besides omnichannel digital offerings, he specializes in linguistic analytics, a very advanced big data analysis quantitatively-based product he has been developing for the last years. Boaz comes to Lincoln with extensive experience with clients in the pharma, medical and non-profit sectors.

A passionate linguist, he masters 10 languages, 5 at a native level. When he is not enjoying Wagner’s Ring cycle at the Metropolitan Opera, he is devoting time to his writing and religious studies.

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