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International Campaigns

When developing a campaign strategy in another country, even the most exhaustive & impressive plan can be totally ineffective if there is not a significant effort made to truly understand the local culture, environment & sensitivities.

With a proven track record of successful campaigns in over a dozen countries across four continents, our team is uniquely experienced to assist with your international campaign.

We fully understand that each country, each city & each culture is incredibly diverse - thus requiring an even more diverse set of specifically-tailored solutions.

And, because our global team operates in multiple time zones, all this is underlined by our ability to deliver for you around the clock.

Corporate Issue Campaigns

For nearly two decades, Lincoln Strategy Group has worked with small businesses & Fortune 100 companies to help them overcome regulatory & political challenges across the globe.

Political Campaigns

Collectively, our team has over a century of political campaign experience that spans the globe, including work in all 50 U.S. States.

Lincoln Strategy Group has played signficant roles in campaigns at all levels of government.

We has assisted several U.S. Presidential campaigns, Senators, Governors, Mayors and City Councillors. Members of our team have also directed major national & state political party apparatuses.

Additionally, we have developed comprehensive campaign strategies for international candidates & major political parties.

Ballot Measures & Initiatives

Over nearly two decades, Lincoln Strategy Group has emerged as a premier industry leader for ballot measures, initiatives & referendums.

Lincoln has managed several dozen ballot initiative campaigns resulting in over 7 MILLION signatures being collected & verified.

Ballot measures do not only provide citizens with the ability to have their voice heard on locacl & state policy; but they serve as incredibly powerful (and underutlized) tool for organziations dealing with burdensome regulatory & public affairs issues.

Being trusted with several ballot initiatives each year, we developed a comprehensive signature tracking & validation system within Abe [Click to learn more about Abe]. Abe provides our clients with access to real-time results showing the number of signatures collected, validity rate and geographic breakouts - avoiding wasted time & resources on collecting unneeded signatures.

Candidate Ballot Access

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