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Grassroots Mobilization
Petition Signature Gathering
Door-to-Door Canvassing
Ballot Measures & Initiatives

Over nearly two decades, Lincoln Strategy Group has emerged as a premier industry leader for ballot measures, initiatives & referendums.

Lincoln has managed several dozen ballot initiative campaigns resulting in over 7 MILLION signatures being collected & verified.

Ballot measures do not only provide citizens with the ability to have their voice heard on locacl & state policy; but they serve as incredibly powerful (and underutlized) tool for organziations dealing with burdensome regulatory & public affairs issues.

Being trusted with several ballot initiatives each year, we developed a comprehensive signature tracking & validation system within Abe [Click to learn more about Abe]. Abe provides our clients with access to real-time results showing the number of signatures collected, validity rate and geographic breakouts - avoiding wasted time & resources on collecting unneeded signatures.

Candidate Ballot Access

Voters' Homes Visited


Phone Calls to Key Decision-makers


Handwritten Letters to Key Decision-makers


Early Voting Ballot Requests Delivered

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