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Jacqueline Basulto

Director of Global Digital Strategy

Jacqueline Basulto is a world-renowned digital strategist with experience working on multi-national political, community, and corporate campaigns.

She holds a degree in International Politics & Business from Columbia University and has spent the last decade working at Google. After Google, Jaqueline founded SeedX, a full-service marketing firm, where she was an advisor for international companies and organizations in need of smart digital campaigns that get results.

At Lincoln, Jacqueline serves as Director of Global Digital Strategy, bridging her knowledge of the international and political world with the digital sphere.

Her expertise and direction serves to amplify Lincoln’s innovative strategic solutions, using online engagement to create real-world action.

She is knowledgeable about digital grassroots advocacy, online customer & member acquisition, design & web development, social media, influencer marketing, and more.

Jacqueline resides in Los Angeles, California and is a regular contributor to news outlets and podcasts on the topics of female business leadership, digital marketing, and business growth in the computer age.

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