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Jeri Lynn Andrus

Accounts Payable Manager

Jeri Lynn joined Lincoln Strategy Group in 2017 to serve as the Accounts Payable Manager. She oversees all expenditures and disbursements to ensure payments are efficiently and accurately processed in accordance with internal control procedures.

With a smile always on her face, she effortlessly manages vendor and client payment inquiries in a courteous and timely manner. And with her keen eye for return on investment, she routinely analyzes areas for possible spend savings.

She regularly reconciles and prepares invoices for payment or receipt of payment and enters all information into our Lincoln accounting system with exceptional accuracy.

As it’s common for political campaigns to scale up quickly, it’s critical to have an exceptional Accounts Payable Manager like Jeri Lynn at the helm where she effortlessly positions clients to make the most of their financials and services available.

Jeri Lynn enjoys a full life, not only with her career at Lincoln but also as a wife and mother to four children.

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