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International Public Affairs

It's challenging enough to maneuver domestic issues, but, as the world continues to get more connected, it presents additional obstacles that need to be carefully navigated.

With a proven track record of solving problems in over a dozen countries across four continents, our team is uniquely experienced to assist with your international affairs.

We fully understand that each country, each city & each culture is incredibly diverse - thus requiring an even more diverse set of specifically-tailored solutions.

Key Stakeholder Mapping

Accurately identifying and prioritizing the targets of your efforts will be a critical determinant to whether you are able to reach your objectives.

Our team will use a series of scoring mechanisms to develop a multi-point algorithm in order to precisely identify all of the decision-makers that will have a key influence over your matter.

However, and more importantly, we will continuously run models to monitor & update this mapping. This will always ensure that no resources are wasted & that we are on the most efficient path to reaching your goals.

Coalition Building

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