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A multitude of legislative and regulatory issues arise from globalization both at international and national level.

With a proven international experience in four continents, our team has a unique experience in Public Affairs activities integrated with digital communication strategy practices.

We are aware that every country, every city and every culture are incredibly different, and that for these reasons they require an even more diversified set of tailor-made and integrated strategies and solutions in order to help the client establish a legitimate dialogue, participated and constructive with institutional decision makers, regulatory authorities, relevant stakeholders and the public.

Our Business intelligence model is characterized by a strategic vision oriented towards Innovation that allows us to offer a wide range of solutions and skills with an approach oriented to the most modern Data Driven analysis processes.

The ABE algorithm allows us to integrate our communication strategies with corporate and public affairs practices, working with a flexible approach to respond to customer requests in immediate time in order to facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives, with a level of performance extremely competitive and fast.


Precisely identifying the stakeholders, establishing dialogue with them, strengthening the one with decision makers, and identifying the priorities of the objectives in your advocacy campaigns, is crucial for the achievement of the final result.

Our stakeholder management activity ensures that all stakeholders in the client's reference market are appropriately involved in all aspects aimed at achieving the specific objectives to be undertaken.

Its aims are: to ensure that the views and behaviors of all stakeholders are understood and at the same time to minimize the impact of opposing stakeholders in order to establish dialogue with the institutional decision-maker in a legitimate, fluid, participatory and constructive.


"It takes a lot of good deeds to build a good reputation and only a bad one to lose it" - Benjamin Franklin

A conscious and professional management of communication on the Web leads to a positive brand image. And, consequently, to gain the trust of new customers by strengthening that of existing customers.

The corporate image that develops from the site, from the content shared on social networks and from the reviews released by users defines the credibility of the brand. For this purpose we are able to build a successful image and a community around the brand, in order to make it easier to reach new users and, therefore, the objectives in a participatory and shared manner, while maintaining the positive image of the company over time. .

This is mainly done through the planning and application of marketing strategies on different channels, especially digital, all oriented towards the same goal: to increase the perceived value of your products and services on the market, identify Macro Trends, identify and promptly resolve any threats that may undermine the corporate image, as well as the ability to react to criticism. In the latter cases, with a brand reputation management strategy it is possible to overturn an attack content into an opportunity for growth.

Our strategies are, in fact, aimed at understanding the general trend of public sentiment, in order to be clear about the brand image among its users, developing a broad vision on the brand's reputation and intervening to resolve critical issues. We can thus recognize, by analyzing the trend, the dissatisfaction of the public in relation to specific aspects of business management, intervening in a decisive way and communicating it externally effectively.


Social media are powerful tools for building the brand image, communication and marketing and as such require planning and analysis of results. The setting of our work is aimed at an online presence strategy that implies deep consistency with the company's mission, at the definition of clear objectives that we want to pursue through social channels and at an execution of the strategy itself that does not represent its point of arrival, rather the first step towards building and managing a solid online reputation.

Through Social Media Monitoring, which is the tool that allows you to analyze your online reputation, we listen and monitor conversations and interactions - Facebook + Instragram + Linkedin post, tweet, Youtube, blog post, news, etc. - generated by users on the brand and we analyze them, also through the ABE algorithm, to evaluate the activities to be implemented. Listening and performance measurement are two inseparable aspects to predict the correct moves and become more competitive.


Businesses may need influencers. In this case, they need, first of all, people who are able to be testimonials and endorsers of a name, become its ambassador and speak for it in order to potentially increase its brand awareness, engagement and new followers.

Our team boasts a consolidated experience in the web marketing and branded content strategies necessary to reach a community through the notoriety of an influential person.

You may have the best message in your industry; however, there are two critical components that will determine the effectiveness of your media campaign: audience targeting, messenger selection, and influencer management, and where they meet. We will therefore work closely with your team to understand the strength of your brand and your target audience so that we can identify the right influencers to implement your media plan effectively, ensuring the general dissemination of your message in the as broadly and effectively as possible.

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