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Public Affairs 101

Most people know that the management of public affairs is critical when it comes to reaching voters, but the details are not always fully understood. It’s easy to use the term “public affairs” as a buzzword while overlooking strategy. Lincoln Strategy Group wants to make sure that businesses, brands, and political campaigns reap the benefits of successful public affairs management. That’s why we have joined the Public Affairs Council (PAC). Just this year, our managing director Nathan Sproul and executive vice president Ulrico Izaguirre proudly presented at PAC’s national conference.

Here are some basic things you should know about the field.

Developing a Positive Image

Perhaps the most important role of public affairs for any organization is building and maintaining a favorable reputation among the public. A negative image will not engage customers with products or voters to the polls. Public affairs management targets negative aspects of your image, resolves them, and crafts a positive message that will attract more people. Here are some ways this can be accomplished:

  • Distributing press releases
  • Giving personal interviews
  • Hosting seminars
  • Curating a positive online presence
  • Live-broadcasting an event

An Ever-Changing Landscape

Like many fields, public affairs has transformed over time. Social media, in particular, has changed the landscape in recent years. While social media platforms haven’t totally made traditional media obsolete, it has had a powerful effect. When you keep up to date with social media technology and utilize it to convey your message, you will reach more people than through traditional media online. But don’t forget that traditional ways of communication are still important.

Engagement Brings Success

Success is always the goal, right? Whether you’re a business owner or a politician, you want to succeed at getting your message heard and building a solid reputation. Public affairs brings exposure in ways that traditional advertising does not. Creating well-written press releases, building connections with media outlets and utilizing web broadcasts are all effective ways of reaching your target audience. When you put yourself and your organization out there in a positive light, the public reacts positively.

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