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Why Voter Outreach Isn’t Just a Political Campaign Strategy

You hear a lot about voters during elections, but when you think about it, voters are just citizens. They aren’t people who suddenly start existing during elections. Voters are people who live, work, shop, and congregate in our local communities every day. Political organizations see the value in meeting citizens wherever they are, and businesses have some valuable lessons to learn from community outreach strategies.

Community Events

Much like political campaigns host rallies and engage the community, you can put on your own local events. This is a fun way to connect with members of your community and get them familiar with your business. You can inform them of your products or services by offering items through raffles or goodie bags. Why not give out some stickers, buttons, and pens too?

Cause Marketing

Political campaigns typically align themselves with certain issues and advocate for people in need. When businesses partner with charities, brand loyalty increases. It also expands marketing reach. Here are some cause marketing ideas:

  • Donate products for fundraisers, banquets, or auctions
  • Donate a portion of proceeds to a charitable organization in exchange for promotion amongst their donors
  • Request the charity to send out a press release to media outlets announcing your partnership

Social Media

Social media platforms are primary ways that political campaigns engage with citizens. Take advantage of this tool for your company. You could hold a contest that requires social media engagement. Put on a scavenger hunt and post hints on your platforms to get people excited about a product launch. Host a live broadcast to give people a behind-the-scenes look at your company. You should, of course, utilize social media to engage with people daily.

Stretch your marketing budget by employing some of these community outreach strategies. Developing lasting relationships with people in your community will boost customer affinity and increase promotion for your business.

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